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InTouch Marketing Services, LLC (ITMS) is a full service marketing firm specializing in techniques such as primary & secondary data collection, perceptual mapping, and forecasting and market segmentation.


  • Product Positioning



  • Primary & Secondary Market Research



  • Marketing Through Social Media



  • Relationship Marketing Campaigns




ITMS' management team consists of experienced marketing and finance personnel who have worked together in the past.  Marlin Gilliam, the company’s co-founder of quantitative research was an analysis at F&R Marketing Research Inc., in Kansas City, MO and GM, and has over 20 years experience in the marketing industry.  

Research Tools



ITMS offers the latest techniques in data collection including web-site surveys, email surveys and focus groups.




Our goal to help you fully understand the market your product is competing in and understanding the best way to set yourself apart from your competition.We will help you find out the primary and secondary criteria your potential customers use to make their purchasing decisions..

Get InTouch; Stay InTouch

Specializing in Product Positioning and Data Collection

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