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InTouch Marketing areas of expertise include:


  • Data Collection


  • Product Satisfaction Studies


  • Benchmarking


  • Lost Sales Analysis


  • Advertisement Tracking


We handle all phases of statistical analysis and forecasting. The basic steps for all research include:


  1. Design the study

  2. Enter the data

  3. Run the analyses



ITMS utilizes a complete data manager and analysis package called StatPac that is compatible with any system capable comma-separated values (CSV) files. For the special applications, StatPac has an optional telephone manager. This module gives you the added capability of generating and maintaining a database of phone numbers that can be automatically dialed by the package


.ITMS will help your company beginning with data collection ending in presentation .

Data Collection



InTouch Marketing Services also offers a variety of field services including: 


  • Electronic media (Web-site & E-mail surveys)


  • Focus Groups


  • Mail Surveys


  • Telephone Surveys





InTouch Marketing areas of expertise include




  • Marketing Consulting


  • Market Research


  • Market Analysis


  • Perceptual Mapping


  • Advertisement Tracking





Forecast techniques include:



  • Moving average


  • Weighted moving average


  • Exponential smoothing


  • Extrapolation


  • Linear prediction


  • Regression analysis

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